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Level: beginner | beginner | 8 sessions
This eight session course will introduce you to basic Perl. Topics will include scalars, arrays, hashes, context, control structures, functions, reading and writing files, and look at Perl idioms. We'll also touch upon modules and the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).


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0 | introduction and orientation

1 | perl fundamentals

2 | shell and prompt tools

3 | web development

4 | CPAN Modules

5 | Ruby


level: all all ( 0 )

level: beginner beginner ( 1 )

level: intermediate intermediate ( 2 )

level: advanced advanced ( 3 )

[ have you wondered how many different banners there are? ] Introduction to Perl


Perl Bookshelves If you are a GSC employee, you have a GIN account and you can access our Perl Bookshelves.

Perl Documentation Perl documentation is available at the command line via man, or on the web at

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