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This single session will introduce you to the workshops. We'll discuss the curriculum and schedule. We'll be looking for your input in how to make the workshops more effective.


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0 | introduction and orientation

1 | perl fundamentals

2 | shell and prompt tools

3 | web development

4 | CPAN Modules

5 | Ruby


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[ Perl makes a perfect low-calorie meal or snack ] Orientation Session

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The purpose of the orientation session is to introduce the instructors, the workshop and the format of the lectures. We'll show you the features of the workshop web site as well as talk about the mailing list which is used to communicate annoucements, tips and workshop-related matters.

We want you to have the best experience possible in attending the workshops, which have been designed to help you learn more Perl. We'll be looking for your feedback during this orientation session about lecture topics. There are many possible workshop themes and we'll try to design the term's curriculum based on the interest and level of the audience. So please attend the next orientation session and let us know what you'd like to see.

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