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We'll present two real-life problems and solve them with Perl. We will show you how Perl modules are used to fetch, munge and export data. We will show you that Perl is a practical and powerful tool.


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0 | introduction and orientation

1 | perl fundamentals

2 | shell and prompt tools

3 | web development

4 | CPAN Modules

5 | Ruby


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[ Camels are known to spit up to 36 feet in the US and 11 meters everywhere else. ] Two Problems

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This introductory Perl session will demonstrate how Perl can be used to solve bioinformatics questions. We'll show you the approach and the code to (a) analyze SAGE data for C. elegans and (b) parse a web-based data table, use it to generate and visualize a graph structure and output the data for more parsing at the command line.

C elegans SAGE data

A graph generated with Graph::Undirected and GraphViz

The purpose of this session is to introduce you to Perl, demonstrate its flexibility, conciseness and utility and motivate you to attend other workshops to learn more.

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