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Lord of the Rings Online - LOTRO - Warden Gambit Chart v0.68

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We have translations into German, French, Russian and Korean.

To submit your own translation, use the Illustrator or EPS file to make changes and send me a PNG and PDF.

LOTRO Warden Gambit Chart

The chart presented here shows the special moves — gambits — available to the warden, a character class in Turbine's RPGMMO Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).

The warden gambit chart shows all the gambits available to the warden class. The effects of each gambit are encoded using icons that represent a variety of effects. To look up a gambit, start at the center of the chart and follow the edges along the desired attack combination.

Chart Design

I have attempted to generate an intuitive and compact visual vocabulary and grammar to construct the chart and each of the gambit action icons. I always welcome your thoughts and comments. Tell me what does and does not work for you.

I have an interest in infovis — circos | hiveplots | art based on math and digits of π — and used to play LOTRO quite a bit. At the moment, my warden alt (Chuzzbug) is stylishly outfitted by my minstrel main (Andorel) and frozen in the upper-30s.

About the Warden

The warden wears medium armour and is a robust and versatile fighter with strong melee attacks, ranged javelin strikes, self-heals, debuffs and threat management skills. At higher levels, the warden can group heal and manage threat.

The warden class was introduced in the Mines of Moria expansion, along with the runekeeper.

The warden's core skill set is small, giving it appeal to those who like to keep their action bars uncluttered. The complexity of the class arises from the large number of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-skill gambits. Committment to a gambit path is mitigated by the Quick Recovery skill, which allows the warden to back up one skill in the gambit tree and alter their gambits on-the-fly.

Before stances were introduced, the class was one of fundamentals and depth. Now, it is somewhat of a bag of arbitrariness.

Basic attacks — gambit builders

The warden has three primary attacks, which he uses in a specific order to unlock combinations called gambits.

For example, the Wall of Steel gambit, a devastating 3-strike attack which disrupts inductions and increases the warden's parry rating, is a 4-move gambit generated by four alternating thrusts and shield bashes ().


The Shores of the Great River (LOTRO Update 6) saw the introduction of stances: determination, recklessness and assailment. The stance taken by the warden modifies the effects of the gambit. In the assailment stance, spear gambits have a ranged form in which the warden attacks with the javelin instead of the spear.


Thanks to the warden community (especially rainyman, dbrowdy, ringbearer13, and lagunad) who have worked with me at the beginning to improve the concept of the chart (warden chart thread). Special thanks to Richard Lund for sending screenshots (up to level 48) of all the gambits. Thank you to those who have provided translations for the chart.

Thanks to Angela (Bitza and Alerowen[alt] on Riddermark) for sharing with me her version of the chart for Update 6 and motivating me to include the update in my own chart (warden update 6 chart thread).

Other Online Gambit Resources

The Warden Skills wiki at lotro-wiki.com has all the gambits, along with icons and graphical descriptions. The Warden Lorebook contains the official game entry for the Warden class, along with stats, gambits, and skills.

Asto's Gambit Compendium provides an exhaustive list of gambits.


24 Nov 2012 • It seems like each time I look at the chart, I see something that can be aligned or spaced better. v0.68 sees minor cosmetic refreshes on icon spacing. I replace drain with a green square. I thought that shape (square) preceeds color (green), and the new shape fit better the idea that drain is damage (square) then heal (green).

23 Nov 2012 • The chart is stabilizing after Riders of Rohan update. Safeguard had the wrong level (thanks to Nathaniel Wright for spotting that).

For older changes to the chart, see the change log.

If you find any errors or think of an improvement or have a suggestion, please let me know.

LOTRO warden gambit chart — current version — v0.68

Lord of the Rings Online - LOTRO - Warden Gambit Chart v0.68
Warden Gambit Chart • PNG PDF EPS Illustrator

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LOTRO warden gambit chart visual vocabulary

I have tried to make the icons consistent and self-explanatory. If you think something else would work better, let me know.

Lord of the Rings Online - LOTRO - Warden Gambit Chart v0.68 - Legend
Warden Gambit Chart Legend • PNG PDF EPS Illustrator

LOTRO Warden Gambit Chart — Translations

The translations may be based on versions older than the current v0.68 English chart.


German Warden Gambit Chart GER1 PNG (Garthar Toralfson von Belegaer)


French Warden Gambit Chart FR1 PNG PDF (Edward Ferret)


Korean Warden Gambit Translation K1 PNG (Sung J Lim)


Russian Warden Gambit Translation RU1 JPG PDF Illustrator (cmyk@inbox.ru)

LOTRO warden gambit worksheet

Warden Gambit Worksheet • PNG PDF EPS Illustrator

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change log

v0.68 24 Nov 2012 — minor cosmetic changes

v0.67 23 Nov 2012 — Safeguard level rating fixed, minor cosmetic updates

v0.66 21 Nov 2012 — additional gambit fixes

v0.65 13 Nov 2012 — modified threat scale and minor cosmetic updates

v0.64 9 Nov 2012 — Riders of Rohan (Update 8) changes (source)

v0.63 8 Nov 2012 — minor cosmetic update, various gambit updates

v0.62 29 Mar 2012 — major update for Shores of the Great River (LOTRO Update 6)

v0.61 French 29 Nov 2011 — new French translation

v0.61 23 Nov 2011 — major cosmetic update

v0.60 7 Sep 2011 — major update for Rise of Isengard

4 Jun 2010 — fixed links

v0.56 26 apr 2010 — fixed Resolution

v0.55 25 apr 2010 — added Unerring Strike

v0.54 20 dec 2009 — updated translation

v0.54 19 dec 2009 — fixed Wall of Steel

v0.53 11 aug 2009 — added German translation

v0.53 4 aug 2009 — added Russian and Korean translations

v0.53 21 jan 2009 — two French translations available

v0.53 13 jan 2009 — minor fixes

v0.52 12 jan 2009 — added gambit levels and minor fixes

v0.51 11 jan 2009 — minor gambit fixes

v0.5 11 jan 2009 — altered topology of chart

v0.4 11 jan 2009 — corrected gambit effects and adjusted fist gambit topology

v0.3 10 jan 2009 — significantly altered effect icons for clarity

v0.2 8 jan 2009 — modified gambit effect and order icons

v0.1 7 jan 2009 — created chart as proof-of-concept gambit illustration