Image Color Summarizer

RGB, HSV, LCH & Lab image color statistics and clustering—simple and easy

news and updates

10.dec.2023 — You can now download all results of your analysis. This includes your original file, cluster partition images and text/JSON/XML reports — all organized under a randomly named subdirectory, which will be different for each analysis. The link to the results will expire in 15 minutes.

7.dec.23 — Apologies for recent outages. Problem should be now fixed.

26.feb.17 — Fixed a bug in the web code that was incorrectly dealing with white pixels.

26.jan.17 — Added Perl code and Windows compiled binary to download section.

30.nov.15 — Added JSONP output. The JSONP output is the same as JSON except that the output is wrapped in colorsummary() function.

22.nov.15 — Added JSON output.

16.nov.15 — Color clustering output has been improved. Pixels assigned to each color cluster are now shown in separate images.

15.nov.15 — Lab coordinates are now reported as integers with `L \in [0,100]`, `a \in [-127,127]` and `b \in [-127,127]`. LCH coordinates are LCHab—the cylindrical representation of Lab.

12.nov.15 — Added graphical RGB, HSV, LCH and Lab histograms to HTML output using the excellent c3.js d3-based plotting library. After futzing with dimple for several hours, I still could not make a histogram of two continuous variables using out-of-the-box functions. I was up and running using c3.js in 5 minutes.

9.nov.15 — (v0.70) Output format and API have changed. Added image color clusters (k-means clustering), more color spaces (XYZ,Lab,CMYK), references to representative named colors. Fixed calculation for average value for hue in HSV and LCH space—now using angle-based mean of a periodic quantity.

4.mar.15 — Average L, C and H values now shown. Standard deviation added to statistics.

3.feb.14 — Histograms and raw pixel data is no longer being displayed by default. To show these report components, add histogram=1 and rawpixel=1 to the API URL.

8.nov.11 — Added plain-text output to API. Use text=1. Massaged style sheets for cleaner look-and-feel. Added raw pixel values to API output, which now includes LCH values.

3.nov.11 — Added RGB and HSV histogram values to the XML output. Thanks to David Roberts from Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent for this suggestion.

30.jul.07 — Minor tweaks.

12.feb.06 — Trying to work on the FAQ but my other current project, High Dynamic Time Range images is taking up my time.

9.feb.06 — TODO: rework the FAQ

8.feb.06 — Reworked the back end and cleaned up the interactive report formatting. Added histograms. Added precision option. Added human readable colour descriptor to HSV statistics.

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