Image Color Summarizer

RGB, HSV, LCH & Lab image color statistics and clustering—simple and easy

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For pretty output and histograms, select html.

Output options histogram and pixel apply only for plain-text and xml output options.

The precision controls the extent to which the image will be resized before sampling. The lower the precision, the faster the computation. Resized widths are vlow (50 px) low (75 px) medium (100 px) high (150 px) vhigh (200 px) .

Color clusters are calculated using k-means clustering.

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number of color clusters


The machine running this script can experience high loads. Depending on the level of precision, please allow up to 10-15 seconds for the results to appear.

automate your analysis

Consider automating your image analysis with the color summarizer web service and receive output in plain-text or XML.

If you select plain-text or XML reporting in the form above you will receive the same output as you would using the web service.