Trump Ipsum

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Now, 59 percent. Boy, you go to be squandered, she's going to happen. That was another one of people that you look—these different corporations and with Neil Cavuto. She won't even know nothing about these countries. Why don't want ISIS is the example, you what happens—if it sounds harsh to so what that's what.

She won't allow hundreds and I just looked today—well, I was done this, you go after. You were in 32 countries. And all sides. Well, wait, where—this. In Chicago, but she—he's willing to talk to her.

There has fallen from overseas, believe they have to many bad judgment in 32 countries, everybody else. And I'll be apologizing for the wall wasn't, ISIS-aligned, they think it's just about a report the things you a cease-fire, because I think that are leaving, 21 Congressional Medal of. And they did it? But that. They lost our economy.

They think we could fight ISIS your taxes massively.