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The clones from the sets can be viewed on the sequence assembly.

searching by name

locate clones by name

You can locate clones in the rearray by the full Genbank name of the clone. This type of search can produce at most one clone.

locate clones by regular expression

If you wish to search for multiple clones, based on a common string in their name, use the regular expresion search. Perl-type regular expressions are supported. For example, RP11-75\D will search for all clones on plate 75 of RPCI-11.

searching by target region

If you are interested to see which clones provide coverage of a specific genome region, use this search. Regions are specified using the syntax chr:start-end and multiple regions can be entered, separated by a space or comma. For example 1:1e6-2e6, 5:10e6-11e6.

Locate Clones