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TupleEncode - encoding a tuple into HSV color.




color charts





If you would like to report nonsense on my part, good ideas on your part, or comment on color - send me a note.

data visualization

One of the ways in which I spend my time is data munging and visualization. Some of my projects are


Circos is a circular visualization tool to create publication-quality figures of comparative genome data. The method is general and is applicable to information of all kinds (debates, relationships, or just art).

Schemaball predates Circos, and was a prototype system for displaying database schema structure on a circle.

Deadly Genomes

With a team of colleagues, I created a method to visualize genome sequence as a path. This was implemented in the Deadly Genomes - The Size and Structure of Harmful Bacteria and Viruses poster, which was a NSF Visualization Challenge 2009 Finalist.

High Dynamic Time Range Photography (HDTR)

An HDTR image is an image in which multiple frames taken over an arbitrary time interval are blended together. The images in the time-lapse set are merged together by progressively sampling time-adjacent images horizontally or vertically. The difference between an HDTR image and a single-frame long exposure is that the contribution to any region of an HDTR image is primarily from a single image from the time-lapse set, rather than an average of all images.

2008 US Presidential Debates

A lexical analysis of the Presidential (Obama-McCain) and Vice-Presidential (Biden-Palin) debates is presented, along with visualizations to demonstrate differences in speakers' delivery. The analysis was used to create a poster of the debate's thematic profiles.

Warden Gambits

Video games are fun. MMOs are fun and complicated. The Lord of the Rings Online MMO (LotRO) features unique character classes, including the warden. The warden's special moves are called "gambits" which trigger upon execution of specific sequence of moves. The Warden Gambit Chart - Lord of the Rings Online is a graph-based visualization of the warden's gambit space.

Image Color Summarizer

The image color summarizer generates color statistics for any image.

Canon SLR Lens Diagram

The Canon Lens Plot illustrates Canon's lens product lineup and combines focal length, aperture, price and lens type/quality in a tidy package.


Lumondo Photography is the official name for my interpretation of fashion, nature, and abstract photography.

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