a project by Martin Krzywinski | Lumondo Photography
HDTR image of the Vancouver Skyline.



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The code to create the HDTR images on this site is written in Perl. If you're on a UNIX system, chances are Perl is already installed. For Windows, use ActiveState Perl.

You will require the following modules (see CPAN, or use the ActiveState ppm package manager).

The script comes with


tar -xvfz makehdtr-0.1.tgz
cd makehdtr-0.1.tgz
/usr/bin/perl makehdtr -conf image-01.conf
# extra debug information
/usr/bin/perl makehdtr -conf image-01.conf -debug

Depending on the amount of blending, HDTR image creation can take several minutes. For example, on an Opteron 248 system with 1 Gb or RAM, image-01.jpg takes 55 seconds.

image 1

configuration | basic HDTR with no blending.

image 2

configuration Added time stretch.

stretch_time = yes
time_blend_a = 0.75

image 3

configuration Added spatial blending

spatial_blend = yes
blend_dist    = 0.5
blend_a       = 1

image 4

configuration Added temporal blending

weights = 1,2,4,2,1

image 5

configuration Changed time flow direction

flowaxis = y
flowdir  = 1