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194 695 7141 9441 84.56 4.02
1 17 161 222 80.57 4.37 Thank you very much, Chris. I will tell you very simply. We won the election. Elections have consequences. We have the Senate, we have the White House, and we have a phenomenal nominee respected by all. Top, top academic, good in every way. Good in every way. In fact, some of her biggest endorsers are very liberal people from Notre Dame and other places. So I think she's going to be fantastic. We have plenty of time. Even if we did it after the election itself. I have a lot of time after the election, as you know. So I think that she will be outstanding. She's going to be as good as anybody that has served on that court. We really feel that. We have a professor at Notre Dame, highly respected by all, said she's the single greatest student he's ever had. He's been a professor for a long time at a great school.
2 8 102 136 81.09 5.12 And we won the election and therefore we have the right to choose her, and very few people knowingly would say otherwise. And by the way, the Democrats, they wouldn't even think about not doing it. The only difference is they'd try and do it faster. There's no way they would give it up. They had Merrick Garland, but the problem is they didn't have the election so they were stopped. And probably that would happen in reverse, also. Definitely would happen in reverse. So we won the election and we have the right to do it, Chris.
3 6 83 123 67.42 7.29 There aren't a hundred million people with pre-existing conditions. As far as a say is concerned, the people already had their say. Okay, Justice Ginsburg said very powerfully, very strongly, at some point 10 years ago or so, she said a President and the Senate is elected for a period of time, but a President is elected for four years. We're not elected for three years. I'm not elected for three years. So we have the Senate, we have a President.
4 6 70 97 77.76 5.31 During that period of time, during that period of time, we have an opening. I'm not elected for three years. I'm elected for four years. Joe, the hundred million people is totally wrong. I don't know where you got that number. The bigger problem that you have is that you're going to extinguish 180 million people with their private health care, that they're very happy this.
5 2 12 20 59.75 6.42 Well, you're certainly going to socialist. You're going to socialist.
6 1 16 18 95.42 3.93 That's not what you've said and it's not what your party is saying.
7 2 16 25 66.53 5.97 Your party doesn't say it. Your party wants to go socialist medicine and socialist healthcare.
8 2 11 14 93.58 1.57 And they're going to dominate you, Joe. You know that.
9 2 25 38 65.56 7.22 Joe, you've had 308,000 military people dying because you couldn't provide them proper healthcare in the military. So don't tell me about this.
10 3 43 53 88.01 4.54 And if you were here, it wouldn't be 200, it would be two million people because you were very late on the draw. You didn't want me to ban China, which was heavily infected. You didn't want me to ban Europe.
11 1 9 11 94.30 2.34 You would have been much later, Joe, much later.
12 4 27 31 102.85 0.59 You don't know what's on the ballot. Why is it on the ballot? Why is it on the ballot? It's not on the ballot.
13 2 16 16 114.12 -0.67 You don't know her view on Roe V. Wade? You don't know here view.
14 3 10 15 76.55 3.41 Yes, I have. Of course, I have. The individual mandate.
15 2 16 25 66.53 5.97 Excuse me. I got rid of the individual mandate, which was a big chunk of Obamacare.
16 2 13 19 76.59 4.19 That is absolutely a big thing. That was the worst part of Obamacare.
17 1 8 11 82.39 3.76 Chris, that was the worst part of Obamacare.
18 2 15 27 46.94 8.58 Well, I'll ask Joe. The individual mandate was the most unpopular aspect of Obamacare.
19 2 10 12 100.24 0.52 I got rid of it. And we will protect people.
20 10 89 121 82.78 3.92 Well, first of all, I guess I'm debating you, not him, but that's okay. I'm not surprised. Let me just tell you something. There's nothing symbolic. I'm cutting drug prices. I'm going with Favored Nations, which no President has the courage to do because you're going against big pharma. Drug prices will be coming down 80 or 90%. You could have done it during your 47 year period in government, but you didn't do it. Nobody's done it. So we're cutting healthcare.
21 1 8 8 114.12 -0.67 All of the things that we've done.
22 6 78 101 84.09 4.76 I'll give you an example. Insulin, it was destroying families, destroying people, the cost. I'm getting it for so cheap it's like water, you want to know the truth. So cheap. Take a look at all of the drugs that what we're doing. Prescription drug prices, we're going to allow our Governors now to go to other countries to buy drugs because when they paid just a tiny fraction of what we do.
23 1 10 11 103.63 1.29 That's not what your party says, by the way.
24 2 22 32 72.62 5.86 Joe, you agreed with Bernie Sanders, who's far left, on the manifesto, we call it. And that gives you socialized medicine.
25 1 14 21 65.73 7.57 If Pocahontas would have left two days early you would have lost every primary.
26 1 7 11 66.79 5.68 On Super Tuesday, you got very lucky.
27 3 19 22 102.45 0.54 But you agree. Joe, you're the liar. You graduated last in your class not first in your class.
28 3 11 14 95.44 0.86 You'd be surprised. You'd be surprised. Go ahead, Joe.
29 1 9 15 56.70 7.59 Listen, you agreed with Bernie Sanders and the manifesto.
30 2 27 39 70.93 6.72 You just lost the left. You agreed with Bernie Sanders on a plan that you absolutely agreed to and under that plan , they call it socialized medicine.
31 1 18 25 71.06 7.82 No, I want to give them better healthcare at a much lower price, because Obamacare is no good.
32 2 21 32 67.26 6.49 We've already fixed it to an extent. Obamacare, as you might know but probably don't, Obamacare is no good.
33 17 165 221 83.67 4.00 Obamacare is no good. We made it better and I had a choice to make very early on. We took away the individual mandate. We guaranteed pre-existing conditions, but took away the individual mandate. Listen, this is the way it is. And that destroyed ... They shouldn't even call it Obamacare, then I had a choice to make, do I let my people run it really well or badly? If I run it badly, they'll probably blame him, but they'll blame me. But more importantly, I want to help people. Okay. I said, "You've got to run it so well." And I just had a meeting with them. They said the problem is, no matter how well you run Obamacare, it's a disaster. It's too expensive. Premiums are too high, that it doesn't work. So we do want to get rid of it. Chris, we want to get rid of that and give something that's cheaper and better.
34 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 He doesn't want to answer the question.
35 3 20 27 85.86 2.94 Why wouldn't you answer that question? You want to put a lot of new Supreme Court Justices. Radical left.
36 2 12 13 109.10 -0.47 Listen, who is on your list, Joe? Who's on your list?
37 2 15 17 103.34 0.71 He's going to pack the court. He is not going to give a list.
38 2 8 11 86.45 2.20 47 years, you've done nothing. They're understand.
39 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 So, if we would have listened to you.
40 12 142 180 87.58 3.98 If we would've listened to you, the country would have been left wide open, millions of people would have died, not 200,000. And one person is too much. It's China's fault. It should have never happened. They stopped it from going in, but it was China's fault. And, by the way, when you talk about numbers, you don't know how many people died in China. You don't know how many people died in Russia. You don't know how many people died in India. They don't exactly give you a straight count, just so you understand. But if you look at what we've done, I closed it and you said, "He's xenophobic. He's a racist and he's xenophobic," because you didn't think I should have closed our country. Wait a minute.
41 19 150 211 79.82 4.09 You didn't think we should have closed our country because you thought it was terrible. You wouldn't have closed it for another two months. By my doing it early, in fact, Dr. Fauci said, "President Trump saved thousands of lives." Many of your Democrat Governors said, "President Trump did a phenomenal job." We worked with the Governor. Oh really, go take a look. The Governors said I did a phenomenal job. Most of them said that. In fact, people that would not be necessarily on my side said that, "President Trump did a phenomenal job." We did. We got the gowns. We got the masks. We made the ventilators. You wouldn't have made ventilators. And now we're weeks away from a vaccine. We're doing therapeutics already. Fewer people are dying when they get sick. Far fewer people are dying. We've done a great job.
42 9 103 114 101.58 1.93 The only thing I haven't done a good job, and that's because of the fake news, no matter what you say to them, they give you a bad press on it. It's just fake news. They give you good press, they give me bad press because that's the way it is, unfortunately. But let me just say something. I don't care. I've gotten used to it. But I'll tell you, Joe, you could never have done the job that we did. You don't have it in your blood. You could've never done that, Joe.
43 3 24 29 96.49 1.79 Well, you didn't do very well in Swine Flu. H1-N1, you were a disaster. Your own Chief of Staff said you were a disaster.
44 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 A far less lethal disease, by the way.
45 3 22 25 103.26 0.68 We would have lost far more people, far more people. You would have been months late. You're months behind me, Joe.
46 9 124 180 70.04 6.91 You don't trust Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer?   Part 2 WALLACE: Okay, gentlemen, gentlemen. Let me move on to questions about the future because you both have touched on two of the questions I'm going to ask. Focusing on the future first, President Trump, you have repeatedly either contradicted or been at odds with some of your governments own top scientists. The week before last, the Head of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Redfield said it would be summer before the vaccine would become generally available to the public. You said that he was confused and mistaken. Those were your two words. But Dr. Slaoui, the head of your Operation Warp Speed, has said exactly the same thing. Are they both wrong?
47 2 33 47 69.60 7.65 Well, I've spoken to the companies and we can have it a lot sooner. It's a very political thing because people like this would rather make it political than save lives.
48 4 66 85 81.13 6.04 It is a very political thing. I've spoken to Pfizer, I've spoken to all of the people that you have to speak to, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and others. They can go faster than that by a lot. It's become very political because the left ... Or I don't know if I call them left, I don't know what I call them.
49 5 39 47 96.96 1.67 I disagree with him. No, I disagree with both of them. And he didn't say that. He said it could be there, but it could also be much sooner. I had him in my office two days ago.
50 2 21 32 67.26 6.49 Because he said it's a possibility that we'll have the answer before November 1st. It could also be after that.
51 5 41 62 70.58 5.45 Well, we're going to deliver it right away. We have the military all set up. Logistically, they're all set up. We have our military that delivers soldiers and they can do 200,000 a day. They're going to be delivering.
52 2 12 20 59.75 6.42 That was said sarcastically, and you know that. That was said sarcastically.
53 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 You'll have the vaccine sooner than that.
54 1 9 11 94.30 2.34 We spoke to the scientists that are in charge.
55 1 7 9 90.96 2.31 ... they will have the vaccine very soon.
56 6 56 70 91.61 2.80 Did you use the word smart? So you said you went to Delaware State, but you forgot the name of your college. You didn't go to Delaware State. You graduated either the lowest or almost the lowest in your class. Don't ever use the word smart with me. Don't ever use that word.
57 3 16 20 95.67 1.24 Because you know what? There's nothing smart about you, Joe. 47 years you've done nothing.
58 3 49 59 88.39 4.99 Let me just tell you something, Joe. If you would have had the charge of what I was put through, I had to close the greatest economy of the history of our country. And by the way, now it's being built again and it's going up fast.
59 3 13 18 85.30 2.44 Okay. It's going up fast. I look forward to talking about it.
60 1 8 12 71.82 5.23 Tell that to Nancy Pelosi, and Schumer Chuck.
61 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 You probably play more than I do, Joe.
62 1 25 28 86.71 7.38 Well, he wants to shut down this country and I want to keep it open, and we did a great thing by shutting it down.
63 11 135 182 80.32 5.10 Wait a minute, Joe. Let me shut you down for a second, Joe, just for one second. He wants to shut down the country. We just went through it. We had to, because we didn't know anything about the disease. Now we've found that elderly people with heart problems and diabetes and different problems are very, very vulnerable. We learned a lot. Young children aren't, even younger people aren't. We've learned a lot, but he wants to shut it down. More people will be hurt by continuing. If you look at Pennsylvania, if you look at certain states that have been shut down, they have Democrat governors, all, one of the reasons they shut down is because they want to keep it shut down until after the election on November 3rd.
64 1 12 13 103.01 1.87 Those states are not doing well that are shut down right now.
65 1 8 9 103.54 0.80 He wants to shut down the whole country.
66 5 60 72 93.14 3.25 No, I think masks are okay. You have to understand, if you look ... I mean, I have a mask right here. I put a mask on when I think I need it. Tonight, as an example, everybody's had a test and you've had social distancing and all of the things that you have to, but I wear masks.
67 2 7 9 94.51 0.95 ... when needed. When needed, I wear masks.
68 4 42 46 103.52 1.43 I don't wear a mask like him. Every time you see him, he's got a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away from him and he shows up with the biggest mask I've ever seen. I will say this.
69 2 11 15 85.89 2.65 And they've also said the opposite. They've also said.
70 2 7 11 70.34 4.32 Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci said the opposite.
71 3 18 20 106.75 -0.14 He said very strongly, "Masks are not good." Then he changed his mind. He said, "Masks are good."
72 2 10 12 100.24 0.52 I'm okay with masks. I'm not fighting masks.
73 2 10 13 91.78 1.70 Well, it's true. Nobody shows up to his rallies.
74 2 12 14 102.05 0.52 Because people want to hear what I have to say. I mean.
75 3 29 37 89.09 3.24 ... I'm doing my job as a president, and I'll have 25, 35,000 people show up at airports. We use airports and hangers and we have a lot of people.
76 5 47 67 76.69 4.90 Well, so far we have had no problem whatsoever. It's outside. That's a big difference according to the experts. We do them outside, we have tremendous crowds, as you see, and literally on 24 hours notice. And Joe does the circles and has three people someplace.
77 1 14 19 77.81 5.88 We've had no negative effect, and we've had 35, 40,000 people at these rallies.
78 3 19 22 102.45 0.54 If you could get the crowds, you would have done the same thing. But you can't. Nobody cares.
79 14 139 182 85.99 3.73 So we built the greatest economy in history. We closed it down because of the China plague. When the plague came in, we closed it down, which was very hard psychologically to do. He didn't think we should close it down and he was wrong. Again, two million people would be dead now instead of ... Still, 204,000 people is too much. One person is too much. Should have never happened from China. But what happened is we closed it down and now we're reopening and we're doing record business. We had 10.4 million people in a four month period that we've put back into the workforce. That's a record the likes of which nobody's ever seen before. And he wants to close down the ... He will shut it down again. He will destroy this country.
80 11 124 160 86.23 4.03 A lot of people, between drugs and alcohol and depression, when you start shutting it down, you take a look at what's happening at some of your Democrat-run states where they have these tough shutdowns. And I'm telling you it's because they don't want to open it. One of them came out last week, you saw that, "Oh, we're going to open up on November 9th." Why November 9th? Because it's after the election. They think they're hurting us by keeping them closed. They're hurting people. People know what to do. They can social distance. They can wash their hands, they can wear masks. They can do whatever they want, but they got to open these states up.
81 9 119 159 80.38 5.33 When you look at North Carolina, when you look, and these governors are under siege, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and a couple of others, you got to open these states up. It's not fair. You're talking about almost it's like being in prison. And you look at what's going on with divorce, look at what's going on with alcoholism and drugs. It's a very, very sad thing. And he'll close down the whole country. This guy will close down the whole country and destroy our country. Our country is coming back incredibly well, setting records as it does it. We don't need somebody to come in and say, "Let's shut it down."
82 9 77 90 99.27 1.54 No, people want their schools open. They don't want to be shut down. They don't want their state shut down. They want their restaurants. I look at New York. It's so sad what's happening in New York. It's almost like a ghost town, and I'm not sure it can ever recover what they've done to New York. People want their places open. They want to get back to their lives.
83 1 10 12 95.17 2.47 They'll be careful, but they want their schools open.
84 3 28 32 100.68 1.54 I'm the one that brought back football. By the way, I brought back Big Ten football. It was me and I'm very happy to do it.
85 3 17 21 96.58 1.20 ... and people of Ohio are very proud of me. And you know how I found out? When.
86 2 30 38 84.45 5.21 I paid millions of dollars in taxes, millions of dollars of income tax. And let me just tell you, there was a story in one of the papers that paid.
87 1 10 12 95.17 2.47 I paid $38 million one year, I paid $27 million one year.
88 3 58 78 73.44 7.82 You'll see it as soon as it's finished, you'll see it. You know, if you wanted to, go to the Board of Elections. There's 118 page or so report that says everything I have, every bank I have, I'm totally under leveraged because the assets are extremely good, and I built a great company.
89 3 17 19 106.53 -0.19 Millions of dollars. And you'll get to see it. And you'll get to see it.
90 8 115 156 77.48 6.02 Chris, let me just say something, that it was the tax laws. I don't want to pay tax. Before I came here, I was a private developer, I was a private business people. Like every other private person, unless they're stupid, they go through the laws, and that's what it is. He passed a tax bill that gave us all these privileges for depreciation and for tax credits. We build the building and we get tax credits, like the hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. Which by the way, was given to me by the Obama administration, if you can believe that. Now the man got fired right after that happened, but that's.
91 1 11 12 103.38 1.57 But why didn't you do it over the last 25 years?
92 1 10 11 103.63 1.29 Why didn't you do it over the last 25 years?
93 3 32 35 103.48 1.48 Hey, Joe, let me just tell you, Joe. In 47 months, I've done more than you've done in 47 years, Joe. We've done things that you never even thought of doing.
94 1 15 23 61.89 8.35 Including fixing the broken military that you gave me, including taking care of your debts.
95 1 14 19 77.81 5.88 Why didn't you do it before, when you were vice president with Obama?
96 2 9 10 108.27 -0.72 I got it done. And you know what happened?
97 1 9 16 47.30 8.90 Our economy boomed like it's never boomed before.
98 12 134 182 80.60 4.79 They had the slowest economic recovery since 1929. It was the slowest recovery. Also, they took over something that was down here. All you had to do is turn on the lights and you pick up a lot. But they had the slowest economic recovery since 1929, and let me tell you about the stock market. When the stock market goes up, that means jobs. It also means 401ks. If you got in, if you ever became president with your ideas, you want to terminate my taxes. I'll tell you what, you'll lose. Half of the companies that have poured in here will leave. And plenty of companies that are already here, they'll leave for other places. They will leave and you will have a depression, the likes of which you've never seen.
99 2 10 15 74.86 4.06 He was in booming. It was the weakest recovery since 1929.
100 1 11 12 103.38 1.57 They said it would take ... No, you're on number two.
101 2 7 7 118.68 -2.42 Chris, Chris. They said it would take.
102 4 19 28 77.34 3.65 ... a miracle to bring back manufacturing. I brought back 700,000 jobs. They brought back nothing. They gave up on manufacturing.
103 2 20 26 86.71 3.65 Ohio had the best year it's ever had last year. Michigan had the best year they've ever had.
104 1 23 33 62.11 10.31 Many car companies came in from Germany, from Japan, went to Michigan, went to Ohio and they didn't come in with you..
105 5 62 80 85.09 4.47 China ate your lunch, Joe. And no wonder your son goes in and he takes out billions of dollars. He takes out billions of dollars to manage. He makes millions of dollars. And also, while we're at it, why is it just out of curiosity, the mayor of Moscow's wife gave you a son three and a half million dollars?
106 2 12 13 109.10 -0.47 What did he do to deserve it? What did he do with.
107 1 11 14 88.00 3.72 Oh really, he didn't get three and a half million?
108 1 13 15 96.02 3.10 Well wait, he didn't get three and a half million dollars, Joe?
109 1 11 18 57.23 8.01 Did Burisma pay him 183,000 a month, with no experience in energy?
110 1 10 15 69.78 6.01 By the media, because they refuse to talk about it.
111 1 7 7 115.13 -1.06 So let me ask you this, Joe-.
112 1 10 13 86.71 3.65 He got three and a half million dollars from Moscow.
113 1 8 8 114.12 -0.67 I'd like to know who they are.
114 1 8 9 103.54 0.80 Some people don't do a good job.
115 1 7 7 115.13 -1.06 Hey, let me just tell you, Joe.
116 1 11 14 88.00 3.72 Why did he deserve three and a half million from Moscow?
117 1 13 20 63.49 7.63 My family lost a fortune by coming down and helping us with governance.
118 1 8 11 82.39 3.76 Every single one of them lost a fortune.
119 2 11 16 78.20 3.72 Chris, can I be honest? It's a very important question.
120 1 9 10 103.70 1.03 Well, that's all right, but he does plenty.
121 3 26 44 54.87 7.76 You did a crime bill, 1994, where you call them super predators. African-Americans are super predators and they've never forgotten it. They've never forgotten it.
122 11 172 240 72.92 6.97 So you did that and they call you a super predator and I'm letting people out of jail now, that you have treated the African-American population community, you have treated the black community about as bad as anybody in this country. You did the 1990 ... And that's why, if you look at the polls, I'm doing better than any Republican has done in a long time, because they saw what you did. You call them super predators, and you've called them worse than that. Because you look back at your testimony over the years, you've called them a lot worse than that. As far as the church is concerned and as far as the generals are concerned, we just got the support of 250 military leaders and generals, total support. Law enforcement, almost every law enforcement group in the United States. I have Florida. I have Texas. I have Ohio. I have every ... Excuse me, Portland, the sheriff just came out today and he said, "I support President Trump."
123 13 209 269 81.63 5.87 I don't think you have any law enforcement. You can't even say the word law enforcement. Because if you say those words, you're going to lose all of your radical left supporters. And why aren't you saying those words, Joe? Why don't you say the words law enforcement? Because you know what? If called us in Portland, we would put out that fire in a half an hour. But they won't do it, because they're run by radical left Democrats. If you look at Chicago, if you look at any place you want to look, Seattle, they heard we were coming in the following day and they put up their hands and we got back Seattle. Minneapolis, we got it back, Joe, because we believe in law and order, but you don't. The top 10 cities and just about the top 40 cities are run by Democrats, and in many cases radical left. And they've got you wrapped around their finger, Joe, to a point where you don't want to say anything about law and order. And I'll tell you what, the people of this country want and demand law and order and you're afraid to even say it.
124 2 13 16 96.11 1.47 What is peaceful protest? When they run through the middle of the town.
125 1 12 14 95.96 2.86 ... and burn down your stores and kill people all over the place-.
126 1 9 9 113.10 -0.28 No it's not, but you say it is.
127 5 61 86 75.18 5.80 I ended it because it's racist. I ended it because a lot of people were complaining that they were asked to do things that were absolutely insane. That it a radical revolution that was taking place in our military, in our schools, all over the place. And you know it, and so does everybody else. And he would know it.
128 10 118 159 80.86 4.91 If you were a certain person, you had no status in life. It was sort of a reversal. And if you look at the people, we were paying people hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach very bad ideas and frankly, very sick ideas. And really, they were teaching people to hate our country And I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to allow that to happen. We have to go back to the core values of this country. They were teaching people that our country is a horrible place. It's a racist place. And they were teaching people to hate our country. And I'm not going to allow that to happen.
129 8 53 84 66.03 5.70 During the Obama-Biden administration, there was tremendous division. There was hatred. You look at Ferguson, you look at, or you go to very ... Many places, look at Oakland. Look what happened in Oakland. Look what happened in Baltimore. Look what happened ... Frankly, it was more violent than what I'm even seeing now.
130 1 8 11 82.39 3.76 ... is that the Democrats that run these cities.
131 1 11 13 95.69 2.65 ... don't want to talk, like you, about law and order.
132 2 14 18 90.96 2.31 And you still haven't mentioned. Are you in favor of law and order?
133 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 Are you in favor of law and order?
134 1 9 15 56.70 7.59 The places we had trouble were democratic run cities.
135 4 140 175 65.56 12.81 I think as a party issue, you can bring in a couple of examples but if you look at Chicago, what's going on in Chicago where a 53 people were shot and eight died shot, if you look at New York where it's going up, like nobody's ever seen anything. The numbers are going up a 100%, 150%, 200% crime, it is crazy what's going on and he doesn't want to say law and order because he can't because he'll lose his radical left supporters and once he does that, it's over with. But if he ever got to run this country and they ran it the way he would want to run it, we would have by the way our suburbs would be gone. And you would see problems like you've never seen before.
136 1 8 9 103.54 0.80 Oh, I know suburbs so much that you.
137 3 23 31 85.03 3.30 That's not what they are talking about this. That's not what it is about. He's talking about defunding the police.
138 2 12 16 87.95 2.48 He doesn't have any law support. He has no law enforcement.
139 4 31 39 92.54 2.28 He has almost nothing. Oh, really, who do you have name one group that supports you name one group that came out and supported you. Go ahead. Think we have time.
140 2 17 20 98.68 1.61 No, no think right now. Name one law enforcement group that came out in support of you.
141 3 45 55 88.21 4.68 Oh really? I sent in the US Marshalls to get the killer of a young man in the middle of the street and they shot him for three days Portland didn't do anything. I sent in the US Marshals they took care of business.
142 1 9 10 103.70 1.03 Does it mean I have to answer his stuff.
143 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 Wait a second, you have made a statement.
144 3 26 33 90.66 2.77 I'll send in the National Guard, it would be over. That'd be no problem. But I don't want to accept the National Guard.
145 1 7 8 103.04 0.63 Sure, I'm willing to do that.
146 1 17 20 90.05 4.92 I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing not from the right wing.
147 2 11 14 93.58 1.57 I'm willing to do anything. I want to see peace.
148 2 24 26 103.01 1.87 What do you want to call them? Give me a name, give me a name, go ahead who do you want me to condemn.
149 2 37 46 82.88 6.30 Okay, boys stand back and stand by. But I'll tell you what somebody's got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a right wing problem this is a left wing.
150 1 8 8 114.12 -0.67 Well, then you know what, he's wrong.
151 1 9 15 56.70 7.59 You know what, Antifa is a dangerous radical group.
152 1 13 15 96.02 3.10 And you ought to be careful of them, they'll over throw you.
153 5 103 147 65.19 9.28 Because there is never been an administration or president who has done more than I've done in a period of three and a half years. And that's despite the impeachment hoax and you so what happened today with Hillary Clinton, where it was a whole big con job. But despite going through all of these things where I had a fight, both flanks and behind me and above there has never been an administration that's done what I've done. The greatest, before COVID came in the greatest economy in history, lowest unemployment numbers, everything was good. Everything was going.
154 11 181 244 76.09 6.73 And by the way, there was unity going to happen. People were calling me for the first time in years, they were calling and they were saying it's time maybe and then what happened? We got hit. But now we're building it back up again. A rebuilding of the military, including Space Force and all of the other things. A fixing of the VA which was a mess under him, 308,000 people died because they didn't have proper health care. It was a mess. And we now got a 91% approval rating at the VA, our vets. We take care of our vets. But we've rebuilt our military. And I'll tell you something, some people say maybe the most important by the end of the first term I'll have approximately 300 Federal judges and Court of Appeals judges, 300 and hopefully three great Supreme Court judges, justices that is a record the likes of which very few people and one of the reasons I'll have so many judges because President Obama and him left me 128 judges to fill.
155 6 90 118 80.69 5.73 When you leave office, you don't leave any judges. That's like, you just don't do that. They left 128 openings and if I were a member of his party, because they have a little different philosophy, I'd say, if you left us 128 openings you can't be a good president. You can't be a good vice president but I want to thank you because it gives us almost, it'll probably be above that number. By the end of this term, 300 judges. It's a record.
156 1 9 11 94.30 2.34 You son got three and a half million dollars.
157 1 9 14 66.10 6.28 Are you talking Hunter, are you talking about Hunter.
158 4 21 32 72.59 4.44 I don't know, Beau. I know Hunter. Hunter got thrown out of the military. He was thrown out dishonorably discharged.
159 2 15 20 86.42 3.07 For cocaine use. And he didn't have a job until you became vice president.
160 1 19 30 53.97 10.45 Once you became vice president he made a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow and various other places.
161 1 11 12 103.38 1.57 He made a fortune and he didn't have a job.
162 1 10 13 86.71 3.65 But why was he given tens of millions of dollars?
163 1 17 23 75.12 7.00 I know but when somebody gets three and a half million dollars from the Mayor of Moscow.
164 12 134 190 75.55 5.50 I want crystal clean water and air. I want beautiful clean air. We have now the lowest carbon ... If you look at our numbers right now, we are doing phenomenally. But I haven't destroyed our businesses. Our businesses aren't put out of commission. If you look at the Paris Accord, it was a disaster from our standpoint. And people are actually very happy about what's going on because our businesses are doing well. As far as the fires are concerned, you need forest management. In addition to everything else, the forest floors are loaded up with trees, dead trees that are years old and they're like tinder and leaves and everything else. You drop a cigarette in there the whole forest burns down. You've got to have forest management.
165 2 45 65 61.80 10.23 I believe that we have to do everything we can to have immaculate air immaculate water and do whatever else we can that's good. We're planting a billion trees, the Billion Tree Project and it's very exciting for a lot of people.
166 14 169 227 80.95 4.97 I think a lot of things do, but I think to an extent, yes. I think to an extent, yes, but I also think we have to do better management of our forest. Every year I get the call. California's burning, California's burning. If that was cleaned, if that were, if you had forest management, good forest management, you wouldn't be getting those calls. In Europe, they live they're forest cities. They call forest cities. They maintain their forest. They manage their forest. I was with the head of a major country, it's a forest city. He said, u201cSir, we have trees that are far more, they ignite much easier than California. There shouldn't be that problem.u201d I spoke with the Governor about it. I'm getting along very well with the governor. But I said, u201cAt some point you can't every year have hundreds of thousands of acres of land just burned to the ground.u201d That's burning down because of a lack of management.
167 1 9 14 66.10 6.28 Because it was driving energy prices through the sky.
168 5 80 100 84.84 5.40 Well, not really because what's happening is the car is much less expensive and it's a much safer car and you talk it about a tiny difference. And then what would happen because of the cost of the car you would have at least double and triple the number of cars purchased. We have the old slugs out there that are 10, 12 years old. If you did that, the car would be safer. It would be much cheaper by $3,500.
169 7 99 135 77.12 6.02 No, but you would take a lot of cars off the market because people would be able to afford a car. Now, by the way, we're going to see how that turns out. But a lot of people agree with me, many people. The car has gotten so expensive because they have computers all over the place for an extra little bit of gasoline. And I'm okay with electric cars too. I think I'm all for electric cars. I've given big incentives for electric cars but what they've done in California is just crazy.
170 3 21 26 94.99 1.75 He's talking about the Green New Deal. And it's not 2 billion or 20 billion, as you said. It's $100 trillion.
171 1 8 12 71.82 5.23 ... most ridiculous where two car systems are out.
172 1 9 9 113.10 -0.28 ... where they want to take out the cows too.
173 1 11 13 95.69 2.65 That's more money than our country could make in 100 years.
174 3 17 20 101.55 0.50 Wait a minute, Chris. So why didn't he do it for 47 years? You were vice president.
175 7 48 60 94.12 1.83 So why didn't you get the world ... China sends up real dirt into the air. Russia does. India does. They all do. We're supposed to be good. And by the way, he made a couple of statements. The Green New Deal is a hundred trillion dollars.
176 4 32 43 85.03 3.39 He made a statement about the military. He said I said something about the military. He and his friends made it up, and then they went with it. I never said it.
177 2 11 12 108.96 -0.57 Oh, you don't? Oh, well, that's a big statement.
178 12 156 204 83.01 4.91 So when I listen to Joe talking about a transition, there has been no transition from when I won. I won that election. And if you look at crooked Hillary Clinton, if you look at all of the different people, there was no transition, because they came after me trying to do a coup. They came after me spying on my campaign. They started from the day I won, and even before I won. From the day I came down the escalator with our first lady, they were a disaster. They were a disgrace to our country, and we've caught them. We've caught them all. We've got it all on tape. We've caught them all. And by the way, you gave the idea for the Logan Act against General Flynn. You better take a look at that, because we caught you in a sense, and President Obama was sitting in the office.
179 22 165 227 82.83 3.57 He knew about it too. So don't tell me about a free transition. As far as the ballots are concerned, it's a disaster. A solicited ballot, okay, solicited, is okay. You're soliciting. You're asking. They send it back. You send it back. I did that. If you have an unsolicited ... They're sending millions of ballots all over the country. There's fraud. They found them in creeks. They found some, just happened to have the name Trump just the other day in a wastepaper basket. They're being sent all over the place. They sent two in a Democrat area. They sent out a thousand ballots. Everybody got two ballots. This is going to be a fraud like you've never seen. The other thing, it's nice. On November 3rd, you're watching, and you see who won the election. And I think we're going to do well because people are really happy with the job we've done.
180 14 120 153 90.27 2.80 But you know what? We won't know. We might not know for months because these ballots are going to be all over. Take a look at what happened in Manhattan. Take a look at what happened in New Jersey. Take a look at what happened in Virginia and other places. They're not losing 2%, 1%, which by the way is too much. An election could be won or lost with that. They're losing 30 and 40%. It's a fraud, and it's a shame. And can you imagine where they say, "You have to have your ballot in by November 10th." November 10th. That's seven days after the election, in theory, should have been announced. We have major states with that.
181 9 69 90 88.71 2.79 Yeah. I think I'm counting on them to look at the ballots, definitely. I hope we don't need them, in terms of the election itself. But for the ballots, I think so, because what's happening is incredible. I read today where at least 1% of the ballots for 2016 were invalidated. They take them. We don't like them. We don't like them. They throw them out.
182 2 17 22 88.73 3.00 What you do is you go and vote. You do a solicited ballot, and that's okay.
183 2 8 8 118.18 -2.23 You go and vote. You go and vote.
184 7 64 86 83.87 3.83 You either do, Chris, a solicited ballot, where you're sending it in, they're sending it back and you're sending. They have mailmen with lots of it. Did you see what's going on? Take a look at West Virginia, mailman selling the ballots. They're being sold. They're being dumped in rivers. This is a horrible thing for our country.
185 3 11 12 110.82 -1.29 You're wrong. You're wrong. I love counting the votes.
186 1 12 13 103.01 1.87 Chris, he's so wrong when he makes a statement like that.
187 2 18 20 103.70 1.03 You know it can't be done. You know it can't, and already, there's been fraud.
188 13 99 130 88.01 2.87 I'm urging my supporters to go in to the polls and watch very carefully, because that's what has to happen. I am urging them to do it. As you know, today there was a big problem. In Philadelphia, they went in to watch. They're called poll watchers, a very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren't allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things. And I am urging my people. I hope it's going to be a fair election. If it's a fair election.
189 4 28 36 90.96 2.31 ... I am 100% on board. But if I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can't go along with that. And I'll tell you why.
190 2 13 20 70.08 5.10 It means you have a fraudulent election. You're sending out 80 million ballots.
191 7 50 69 82.84 3.48 They're not equipped ... These people aren't equipped to handle it, number one. Number two, they cheat. They cheat. Hey, they found ballots in a wastepaper basket three days ago, and they all had the name military ballots. There were military. They all had the name Trump on them.
192 2 13 21 63.58 6.01 It's already been established. Take a look at Carolyn Maloney's race.
193 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 I want to see an honest ballot cut.
194 1 8 10 92.97 2.28 I want to see an honest ballot count.